Walimex pro 3in1 Reflector concav 150x60cm

Walimex pro 3in1 Reflector concav 150x60cm, 3in1 Reflector, Concave reflector for unique accents, Three reflector fabrics for different effects: silver, white and wavy gold, Adjustable angle of inclination, Quick change of reflector colours via hook-and-loop fastener, Spigot connection for easy mounting on lamp tripods (5/8""), Reflector size 1500 x 600 mm, Weight: 2600 g@+@+*Includes:*@+@+, 2 Curved crossbars (3-piece), 2 Connecting rods, 1 Central strut, 1 Reflector fabric silver, 1 Reflector fabric wavy gold and white, 1 Transport bag

128EUR :